Can we get some sheet metal changes?

Garry this last update was awesome, but to make it perfect could we get some changes to the sheet metal tier in time for next week’s update? If it cost more metal frags but took 2 c4 to take down I feel like the building tiers would be near perfect.

Sheet metal is pretty useless right now. I’d at least have sheet metal on par with stone.

sheet metal like in real life are some thinny crap which should stay at one C4 to blow… increasing the amount of dmg it can take shouldn’t be possible for something as fragile as it is.

They could add another building tier, one that combines stone and sheetmetal but weaker than armored.

Stone on the inside, sheetmetal on the outside maybe.

Sheet metal is considered a higher tier than stone (you can’t go back to stne from sheet metal), why is it weaker ? Also I consider metal frags to be more expensive than stone

Although stronger to melee tools, Sheet metal is weaker to explosions. (Stone takes 2 C4 per unit, Sheet takes 1)

Because of this, building sheet metal is like having a giant neon sign that screams “This house only takes 1,250 Gunpowder to raid!”

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Sheet metal feels like upgraded wood of anything.

I would be for some balance such as 1.5 C4 to blow instead of one? Like 1 c4 and 1 rocket maybe.

It’s my favorite tier visually and it sucks that I never get to see it anymore. There’s not many situations when sheet is viable.

ABSOLUTELY NOBODY makes their houses out of Sheet metal, NOBODY. I consider it such a waste because it just looks too awesome and reminds me of legacy. Please, for the sake of god, buff it to 2x C4’s and increase its price. Come on. Why you guys even bothered to implement it if nobody uses it? :suicide: Lets won’t talk about the realism too much, okay? It’s a darn Rust. Game where a bunch of naked people smack each other with rocks and acquire wood by hitting a tree with the same bloody rock… We must push this hard, so devs can see it.

Its not a waste. It makes players think about what material they are using. For example if you in a wooden house and people start to tool raid you what do you choose? Sheet Metal is the answer.

It really is not a choice lol. Bring a stack of c4 and a stack of now (basically) useless metal framents to your offline raid. Use the c4 to skip right past any sheet metal, and start a queue for a bunch of pickaxes for any stone. It’s REALLY simple.

The whole point of the sheet metal tier is to be tool defense. It makes no logical sense that the blast defense should take a step backwards from the stone tier to accomplish this. I’m merely requesting that the blast resistance remain the same as stone, even if we need to compromise with a higher fragment cost to upgrade. It seems fair enough to me.