Can we get the sky to work with this startup steam launch code?

Hey FP is there a way to fix the sky so it can work with this code, “-force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-9-3 -nolog”.
My friends with low-end pc’s and laptops could use it and have a good 40-50 fps but they refuse to use it since the sky is glitchy and replicates. Without the code they get 15-25 fps max and they really don’t like playing especially when we get in a fight because their fps has a major drop. They don’t care how the game looks, they just want good performance.
Please help! :slight_smile:

Well, which is it? :stuck_out_tongue: Try pressing F1 in game and typing grass.on false. This can sometimes double FPS. Also try launching the game with higher settings since if you launch using “Fastest” settings the game will actually use the onboard graphics instead of your dedicated GPU, thus giving LESS performance.