Can we get VAC Banned players also banned from playing rust? please

currently in a rust server where a guy called Bagon, is using speedhack, aimbot, i searched up his profile this is what is displays.

1 VAC ban(s) on record | Info
24 day(s) since last ban

how is he still able to play Rust when he has an active ban?

Please stop VAC banned players playing rust.

he’s able to play Rust because if he wasn’t VAC banned in Rust specifically, he can still play Rust freely. VAC is per-title, not steam-wide.

it should be steam-wide, its rediculous.

It wouldn’t be cool if I had learned from a very long past violation not to cheat again. Let alone some servers strictly disallow VAC’d (from another game) users in their servers.

The mark of shame is permanently branded to their account, you are using a few people to represent a whole, a few guys who didn’t learn just to hurt the rest of them. They already have it bad enough seen on their Account.

“Well if this guy has it and hacked, then all the others will hack again too.”


Plus I doubt Valve would even allow that, knowing how good they are to people.

I disagree, if it was steam wide nobody would be on steam anymore.

banning somebody from all 69 VAC secure titles because of one infraction is pretty excessive to be honest. that’s a lot of unrelated games.

u mean all they cheat?:suicide:

It’s their fault for cheating in the first place.

yes, it’s their fault for cheating. and they’re appropriately banned from the title they’re cheating in, there’s no need to ban them from games they have never cheated in or even played.

There is a plugin that already does this. Now go play on a server that uses it and stop crying, you big baby.

Since they cheated , you imply that they should lose $30+(to maybe even hundreds), it could even Damage Valve’s financial success.

Over one single violation, you are ridiculous.

I got vac banned a couple years ago for prestige lobbying in MW2. I don’t think it would be fair to be banned from rust, especially since the ban was so long ago (500+ days) :p. Most people do learn their lesson after cheating and getting a vac ban. But it’s good to just keep the ban to that game, and if they keep cheating they’ll get vac banned in other games too, that’s why the systems there.

Most people don’t learn their lesson, they just learn to use new Steam accounts and rarely do you see anybody continue using an account after a VAC ban unless they had a lot of games on there.

The sad fact is Valve profits off of cheaters big time, they love the fact that they get to double profit off of cheaters who rebuy their games on new accounts. I’m also a subscriber to the “once a cheater always a cheater” motto, I don’t believe most of them learn their lesson.

The ones who have never cheated are very unlikely to one day out of the blue decide to cheat, whereas the ones who have cheated in the past are certainly more likely to do it again. A shit leopard can’t change it’s spots.

A person is only going to cheat a second time if they think it’s worth the consequences. To some people, $15 every week or two is worth destroying everyone else with hacks in CSGO. To others, it’s not. Sometimes it takes actually experiencing the consequence, rather than just seeing the threat of it, to change behaviour. Some cheaters never cheat again, some thieves only steal once, some killers really do reform. It’s not fair to exclude an entire group based on the activity of some, no matter the ratio of good to bad.

i would appreciate to delete the whole steam profile once a cheater get cought!
THEN they might learn to play legit

All the people that are saying “It shouldn’t be steam-wide banned” are obviously cheaters themselves lol…

That’s similar to the death penalty.
If they were banned on accident (there was a case with any CoD game), then they would lose their account forever.
Or imagine this just because you used a minimap mod for Rust.
Would be too hard I think.

similar to death penalty? you cant be serious on that one.
and yes i would prefer losing their account, i dont care because “once a cheater, always a cheater”
also there is no “accident”…vac revoked like 3 or 4 times false bans (in waves) since its live
thats my opinion and for gods sake, free speech!

If you kill an innocent, then you can’t revert it.
Like the deleting of the account.
Just a thought.
Actually I like that idea. But Valve will never integrate that anyway.

What a great argument, straight out of grade 6. I think it’s a dumb idea and I’m usually one to piss on cheaters when they come crying for VAC unbans.

Permanently VAC banning an account for all VAC-using games for one single VAC infraction is a wildly disproportionate response. It’s overkill. And it does nothing but encourage throwaway alts even harder, because now, if you want to cheat, you’d be risking everything on your account.

That sort of thing could actually land Valve in legal trouble, and that’s likely one big reason why they don’t do it.

“You stole a candy bar? 25 years in prison with no parole! Good luck finding a job or going back to your old life when you get out! Shouldn’t have been tempted by your hunger over a dollar’s worth of chocolate, you’ve ruined your life now!”

Clearly, that is what all justice systems are really supposed to be like, but we’re just too pussy to destroy society for the sake of rules.