Can we go back to pre-nerf AK?

The AK as it is with the horizontal recoil is so bad you really have no chance in hell when 1-2 guys come over the hill at you because the muzzle flash and the crazy bad recoil just ruin it entirely please go back to normal AK recoil so that its more viable again and also fix muzzle flash because literally every single shot has to be re-positioned because of it.

And if all that isnt bad enough there’s also this X that pops up right in the middle of my screen every hit I get and blocks my view…

The X is because youre playing on an modded server which uses visible hitmarkers.
But yeah im no fan of that recoil, ill hope they add grips soon so we can counter it a bit.

And this is why you don’t allow modding too early in your project, kids. Non-vanilla features taint feedback.

Oh so they are making stupid new attachments when really they just should have never changed AK recoil to begin with and then never make muzzle brakes and lame attachments…wow it sucks to see the game going this badly

whats the point in muzzle brakes if they take anything away from the power of the weapon like the silencer does then they will not get used very often …period