Can we have an option to save cloudscripts to our computers?

It’s probably been discussed hundreds of times, but I was curious if garry is planning to do this.

…Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?

Well, if you want to keep it, then you can save it locally so you can always have it.

And yes. Yes it does.

I think the only benefit to local storage is so you can use them if you can’t connect to the internet for some reason.

How about, if Gmod can’t load the Toybox, it instead shows a (locally stored) page which shows a list of all the Cloudscripts that are stored locally, and you could click one to spawn it. Then when you are online again, it swaps back to the online Toybox.

I would really like this. And no, it wouldn’t defeat the purpose, because if, for whatever reason, you need to play NOT connected to steam, you could still play with your favorite cloudscript entities and weapons.

It needs to do exactly what I’m suggesting for this to work.

But Cloudscripts are already stored locally, automatically. There just isn’t a way to spawn them, without going through the Toybox.

My understanding is that the Toybox works like this: User clicks on a cloudscript. If script is stored locally (and is the same version), Gmod spawns it. Otherwise, Gmod downloads it (the latest version), and then spawns it.

What I am suggesting is that if for some reason you can’t access the Toybox (eg, you are offline), Gmod instead displays a list of the locally stored Cloudscripts, and lets you spawn them.

This isn’t ever going to happen. It does totally defeat the point.