Can we have consisten headshot damage?

It gets pretty depressing knowing u hit a guy in the head and he only took 15 dmg just cause of the mask. Then he heals up…and continues the fight…when I should have killed him 10x over.

When will this get fixed?

Typo in title. I am pro :slight_smile:

So you don’t think armour should provide protection?

i think at somepoint he is right i mean back in legacy a headshot did the most damage, a helmet wont reduce 80% of the damage of a Bullet hit. At the moment aiming at the pants is mostly better then headshots

My biggest issue atm is the inconsistency of the damage, which is especially noticeable on headshots. Occasionally I’ll be fighting someone, be at 100hp and be facing them straight on, and I’ll be instantly killed by a bolt headshot. This has happened even at very long distances as well. On the flipside I feel like it never happens for me; the only time I get instant kills on enemies with a bolt is when I shoot them in the back of the head, which is obviously unprotected. Not sure if this is just confirmation bias though.

My only guess as to why this happens is that it could be an eye shot, which is probably unprotected and has the highest damage multiplier out of all bodyparts. If this is the case I’m not sure I really like it, because there is no way to specifically aim for eyes 99% of the time, so in effect you are giving enemies a random ‘critical hit’ chance that will instakill an enemy from any distance using bolt.

It’s not just headshot that are inconsistent, a lot of the pvp in rust is either not properly balanced, or horribly inconsistent. I was playing savas island all day today, and noticed a lot of inconsistencies. Like once I shot a guy three times from very close range all hitting mid chest or higher with a pump shotgun, and the third shot finally dropped him (he didn’t have time to use a med kit). Then later some guy one shots me with a water pipe from more then 60 metres away… And I had 100 health! Now I’m no expert but I’m pretty damn sure the waterpipe is suppose to be weaker then the pump -.- also your rust character swings swords and what not like a little girl, the amount of time it takes to swing a sword or a cleaver is probably twice the amount of time it would take a 5 year old to swing it, and he throws a rock like a bitch.

Totally agree, it makes no sense and shooting at somebody’s head with a facemask on just feels like trying to win something in the lottery.You have high hope’s but you’ll end up being dissapointed

Slug or regular shell?

Ex One is a slug one is like bird shot

Both cases were buckshots

So is it actually the eyesockets or just being hit in like the tiny part of the head at the top?

It seems to happen so much at random and it’s so frustrating…I don’t really want to come across as overly salty/exaggerating, but I just had a fight where I headshotted a few guys shooting from their base extremely far away after I killed and looted a guy on the ground, none of them went down, and then when I stopped and was aiming directly at a guy, he fired a shot and instakilled me at 100HP with a metal facemask on. I thought I had shadowplayed it to see exactly where it hit but sadly I mustn’t have caught it.

I have a pretty high headshot percentage, but I’m sure I have never instakilled someone who was wearing full gear with a headshot where they are looking right at me, yet in the last few weeks it has happened to me at least 5 times, especially with long range bolt headshots.

I my opinion, you should get MERC’ed if you get nailed in the head no matter what. UNLESS you are wearing proper headgear. If not, then G’nite M8.

But honestly, we could easily expand upon this to make it even better. For example, EYE sockets (Like Cushie mentioned) could essentially become ‘instant kill’ zones. To shoot someone in the eyes is all deserving for an instant kill regardless of weapon.

So here’s what I propose:

Eyesockes = Instant Kills

Skull = LOTS of damage.

Jaw = Less damage than skull shot but still fairly high.

Neck = LOTS of Bleeding

Too complicated and unnecessary. Damage should be standard across the entire body part all the time. It’s only going to bring more complaints like this otherwise, as hitting people in the eye is completely based on luck at any range further than 10 yards.

Isn’t that sort of the idea of full metal armor? Shoot em in da sack.

Aren’t you a ball of sunshine.

Eye sockets already do the highest damage multiplier I believe.

Idk if it’s what they are going for, but it is just plain frustrating. You can headshot a guy twice from a distance and not kill him, and then he can fire one shot back and you’re dead instantly, just because of luck?

I like the concept of different parts doing different things, but when it effectively becomes a lottery on whether or not your headshot does 100+ damage and kills, or does 40 damage, it makes it inconsistent and frustrating and in a situation like that it makes it feel like the game totally screwed you over, which just turns the frustration into anger at the game.

You have no idea just how often this happens to me.
Was in a battlefield server the other day, I hit a guy 4 times from long range all within about 30 seconds, 1 of them being a headshot and didn’t drop him, he finally sees me, fires one shot and instakills me.

It drives you nuts if it happens a few times in a row.