Can we have customizable game main menu?

I just need to know the game main menu is going to be customizable. Having different layouts, not standard tablet shit, maybe early steam aethetics. Actually the only thing keeps me away from going full sbox.

I think thats a really good idea! Only issue I could see is that some servers could potentially add a main menu that is broken (either by mistake or by design).

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isnt that already a thing in gmod?

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I feel like garry might be wanting to take sbox more in the direction of roblox. Would make sense given that the main character will have customization and microtransactions. No custom gamemode specific main menu would then make sense.

I hope they changes their mind and allow us to customise the main menu.

It is. But I don’t think we should assume that stuff will move over to sbox.

An option to replace main menu from server shouldn’t be possible. It was a pain in the ass back in GarrysMod, it has demotivated me to search for new servers as everytime I faced custom menu I was forced into an extra adventure of finding the disconnect button.

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No. You get nothing.