Can we have ski's?

I know this really is not so important right now but I was just thinking how cool would it be if you could ski through the snow, this would allow you to travel faster down hill (obviously) but also with work being done on footprints this could Also be used as a way to hide what direction you traveled from/to. What’s everyone else’s thought on this?

Depending on what kind of ski’s it would be, then its easy to see what direction you went, but thats obviesly entirely up to devs to consider that.

That said, I like the idea, its another type of transportation.

Even cross country ski’s, just anything to get about a bit faster, Just please not cars as this would kill the game imo.

Cross country skis would be great as they would allow faster ‘walking’ in the snow and allow you to speed down hills. Sucks that you don’t want cars because… they’re coming! By the time vehicles are in I think the maps will be larger.

It’s gonna be a nightmare farming barrels, trying to avoid maniacs with cars. when cars come I will probably quit rust, I have also spoken to lots of people who are going to quit over cars.

People like you who say they will just quit because something is getting added that they don’t like but don’t actually try out, aren’t very useful to the development of Rust. Leave and let everyone else try the new things out and give their useful opinions.

Anyway, cars will most likely be very expensive so not every man and his dog will have one. Also I bet the barrel system will be removed by then and replaced by something better.

The barrels do need a change I agree maybe I just need to take another break as I’m just getting bored after about a hours gameplay. I suppose that my problem in the end.

What about sleds? You could maybe make sleds with inventory slots and makes us be able to tame wolves to pull our sleds with our gear on it. Or you can just sled downhill for fun.

I was just thinking about this before I saw this lol.

Yeah skis would be more portable, while sleds would have less control, but maybe carry 2 people?
Just some optimistic thinking here.

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Actually this wouldn’t, it would make these.

But I still like the idea

For a short time, until the wipe, the slope was sufficiently steep for to slide…

Yes but cross country u wouldn’t be able to tell the direction of travel obviously you are going to leave an imprint on the snow.