Can we move the mapping subforum to under Games?

Hey just wondering if they should move the Mapping subforum to somewhere other then Garrys Mod since alot of people talk about non-garrys mod mapping here anyways. POLL!

Yeah, it’s not too bothersome but the fact that it’s saying “Lol u all map for garry and his mod” is a little annoying. :v:


Two votes to keep it under garrysmod!? You people are insane. :colbert:

It’s good as it is.

Exactly, I think it should be moved since there is alot more to map for then Garrys Mod and should be moved elseware.

Well, it’s probably not worth the hassle. But I still think it’s a bit annoying. This is more a source based forum but hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a whole “Level design” subforum? Then we could have subcatagories like “Cryengine” and “Source” etc.

I’m sorry, but this is a stupid question.

Your argument is that the mapping subforum should be moved because you can map for other games.

Facepunch was made by Garry - Garry the creator of GMod. Facepunch was made by the creator of GMod for GMod.

We just want a Level Design subforum under Games/etc. Thats all.

By “us” we mean 2 people against 250’000 +. :v:

But hell, I think it’d be pretty cool.

Then maybe request a new mapping forum?

Besides, it’s not like there aren’t websites specifically for mapping for other games.

But we love FacePunch. :crying:

Agreed, Magnum Mannakin.

I thought the same thing when I joined interlopers… I felt like a traitor. A fraud. But it’s cool. I got over it.

Man up and ship out!

Please no.
Please NO.
Add another subforum for in the general games area.
This section is for SOURCE mapping.


Or rename the section to “Source Mapping” and move it.

Put it the the valve games section?

This subforum is for Garrysmod Mapping.
Garrysmod Loads virtually any source game.

Therefore discussion of source engine mapping of any kind is fine. All the discussion here is of the Source Engine variety only. Move it to general games discussion and it will no longer have any sort of specialisation, answering questions will become harder, getting answers to questions will be harder, slightly larger user base, no real increase in mapping knowledge, more diverse range of topics to cover.

I think we should stay here and I’m pretty sure this is where we will stay unless a) a suggestion comes along which Terrenteller approves of and is happy to campaign for b) Garry suddenly decides he’s going to listen to a small handful of random people from this forum.

The above. The subforum is for mapping for garry’s mod, not for mapping in general.

I think if it was going to be moved, it should be placed in Hardware and Software, as it’s technically a part of software design.

That being said though it’s completely fine where it is and doesn’t need to be moved.

Only if it gets a bit more general and isn’t just Source mapping, which I’m not against. It is fine here though.
Are the only two I’ve registered to anyway…