can we play minecraft in gmod?

In fact i want to make a map in gmod like minecraft.
i have seen many mc maps in gmod,but those maps are already done,we can’t destroy or add some cube in that map.
imagine player spawn on the ground ,
everyone has millions cube like mc god mode,
we can make a map in gmod and don’t make the computer very slow .
is that possible?

Well yes, it’s possible to make a map like that, but it would be insanely laggy to play in it due to all the blocks being separate entities, and it’d probably crash every 3 seconds, so that’s why you don’t see many maps with Minecraft blocks that you can break

It’d be the equivalent to spawning about 1000 props in gmod at once and expecting the game to run fine

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Another problem would be that none of the props could be static (since static props in maps aren’t accessible from Lua, and therefore couldn’t be removed by Lua), but static props would be the easiest to render as they don’t require any physics calculations, so all the props would have to be physical, which would make it even slower

ok,i get it. thank you very much

And hey, if you want to play Minecraft, play Minecraft in Minecraft :wink: