Can we please apply to be Official Server Mods?

Today has been absolutely terrible on US East 3. If we could apply to be server mods we could police the hackers ourselves.

Or go to a server that is moderated by admins? or even better yet, buy your own server!

And dilute the playerbase even more? I’m not even asking them to spend some of that $30 million on hiring someone to police their 6 official servers. I’m talking about asking for community volunteers to take up the charge of moderating the public official servers.

I agree with you Soulstitchmmo I have been on east coast 3 for a while and hackers are just getting worse.

Those who ask for power usually shouldn’t be given it.

You guys have expectations set way too high for an alpha that’s this early on.

Having admin on the official servers, is not really having high expectations. There needs to be some kind of stability to the game.

Expectations too high? Dude we’re only asking for a few admins for official servers. I believe that’s something they could provide since they made over 30 mil on Rust.