Can we please get a patch on crafting? (My finger is hurting)...

Like my title says. Ive heard many people complain about theres not an easier way than to click a thousands of times a day to get your crafting going.
I dont know how much coding that is for you guys. But a patch where you actually can typ the number of how much you want to craft would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Game will still rock even though my finger wont if you dont patch that!

Try shift and ctrl clicking. Only thing that really needs to be done is controls of splitting stacks of items instead of always just halving.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. But if you mean the + and - to make things you can hold CTRL to go to the max you can make or hold SHIFT to add 10 at a time instead of one.

Oh and f.u. Coffee :slight_smile:

Omg… I should have searched on this stuff… Allt those thousands of gunpowder i made today…

Thanks guys.

But i still think it would be nice to be able to type it though :slight_smile:

Belmail, you know I’m only doing it out of love! (And maybe cause you shot me a couple of times when i was running around there butt naked)

Still what a waste of C4 that had to of been lol.

It was only 3 that was needed Belmail and you had alot of stuff that we actually were in need of :slight_smile: