Can we please get decent tools to catch hackers?!

My server has been pretty popular for the past month, capping out at 100 players most nights. With popularity comes hackers, only because this game is riddled with them. You give us invisible gear, when we put it on all we get is god mode. When we spawn on them wearing invis. gear, not only do they hear us drop, they can see our names and hear our foot steps. It’s almost like you want them to get away. It’s extremely annoying and disheartening. I love this game enough to buy a server to host it, I just wish you guys would give us something to keep the servers clean.

Welcome to Alpha. Where the concrete is still powder and rock. Maybe in Beta we can add some water ;).

All it needs is a /spectate playersname option to see through their eyes.

I don’t know anything about programming, but I feel like while wearing invis gear names should also be invis and foot steps shouldn’t make sounds.

you’d have to program something in to check if its an admin and has invis proprieties. Keep in mind, this check has to be done every time someone moves, there are alternatives to do it every time, like setting a trait to silent and only checking when a user logs in or puts on armor. Either way, probably not a high priority on their list to do.

if(player.uid.admin & player.uid.gear[0] == “invis”) //this can be the feet for example
//no sound, maybe set a variable so you don’t have to loop though all this every time.
player.uid.attributes.silent = true;
//play sound

I completely agree that currently its really easy to spot an invis admin. Alot of times when we are raiding, we get admins spawning next to us and we either hear things or see a glowing stick…

It doesn’t help ESP allows hackers to see you even if you’re invisible.

The way VAC Works, is that Hackers are typically banned in waves.
It won’t last long.

VAC needs to just ban asap instead of in waves… In a game like Rust hackers can ruin a server in a day.

Its not that hard to Wipe a Server, its quite hard to completely change a anti-hack infrastructure.
Besides, VAC Bans go out more frequently than people would like to think.

ur right, a better method of not making sound might be to simply just not broadcast packets to other players if you are an admin in “stealth mode”