Can we please remove these pointless downloads?

These downloads are really really pointless on

They are nothing but horrible minge posed saves, horrible replacements of sounds that are made by a 12 year old. No one wants these horrible downloads besides little kids that think this stuff is funny.

how about, don’t browse for them and don’t find them…

I’m sorry they were on the front page moron. So obviously I can’t do anything about them.

Try not looking at them?

I can’t I have problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol @ Smartass’s in the thread.

Lol the pointless downloads should really be removed. Its encouraging them more to create more and more shit until Garry has to buy at-least 2, 2tb hard-drives every week.

some more crappy stuff to remove, i mean c’mon. one thing changed on a adv pod controler… wtf is wrong with this guy?

It’s been said before and and I’ll say it again, is a place for EVERYONE to share their created Garry’s Mod content. It’s not breaking any rules and nobody is forcing you to download this stuff, just because you think something is crappy doesn’t mean it should be removed.

80% of the content of Youtube is shit, but do you see Google removing all that? No.


Oh What happened to “Don’t Look them up” ? Fucking moron.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

Well, then I guess I could upload multiple colored deagles that I just masked over and shoot with a bullet force of 9001 and has an infinite clip.

Read Garry’s sticky. “If you don’t like them, don’t download them and shut the fuck up.” Or something along those lines.
It would be wonderful if Garry had moderators in there, of course. One day, maybe he will cave in and agree to do it…

Gregster you are the biggest troll I have ever met.

I agree with you 100%

What makes you think that anything you upload Gregster is worth a download? Garrysmod is a place to express your creativity, suck it up or shut up.

oh my god what the fak

this is worse than pr0n and warez

it’s like someone took something insanely retarded, made it even more retarded, took a shit on that, ate it, then shit it back out again. Oh, and did I mention they shit on it several times?

i reckon about 75% of has pointless downloads which either dont work or is 1 minute work

Well actually what I uploaded has gotten a lot of downloads actually, so yea you may not know it because obviously you go around looking for crap like porn ragdolls. And suck what? I choke on small objects sorry. And I can’t shut up because I have my own freedom to speak of what I want. And how am I the biggest troll? This thread is not complete troll it’s something that should be done because pointless downloads are taking up a shit load of space on Yea I get that is for creativity but most the shit is not even close to creativity, Nothing but Minge posed .saves and boring shit. And including the stolen shit and pointless sound remakes made from little 12 year olds and a voice changer.


Also I wonder why the steam servers are down…

Let me remind you that most of the Garrysmod Community is made up of these “12 year olds” which is why there is quite a lot of crap on the site. As said previously if you don’t like it; don’t download it.

With regards for you lack of knowledge, “suck it up” is a figure of speech; not actually intended for you to “suck on small objects”. I was referring to the fact that if you dislike the content on simply don’t download it. There really is no point to this topic due to the fact that they ALSO have the freedom to do what they want, just like you have; and I quote “I have my own freedom to speak of what I want”

With regards to the fact that you can’t paragraph, put a simple sentence together correctly and think that because all you do is search for “porn ragdolls”, we all must do this.

You sir fail on all levels and have taken this meaning to a whole new level.
I now suggest that you be quiet or at least have the common decency to talk to me in a level of maturity.

Sorry I can’t talk to little kids in a level of maturity.

Serious questions greg, please answer honestly and dont get pissed off

1 - do you live with one or both of your parents

2 - how old are you

3 - do you know what a midichlorian is

4 - do you have a gf/bf atm

5 - if no, how long have you been single

6 - how many episodes of the original series of star trek were there

7 - what do you actually search for on

8 - do you have a job

9 - if yes, what is it

10 - if yes to #8, how long have you had this job

11 - what point do you find in trolling and what feelings do you get for trolling?

You’ve just made a complete twat of yourself there matey.

Enough said.