Can we test Snap Traps being learned by default for a week for raiding balance? Or less rare?

I’ve been playing the current build constantly since Monday, and I have some feedback.

Stone being harder to get and the addition of C4 didn’t bother me. What bothered me the most is that I’m noticing that nine times out of ten, the optimal method of raiding a house is building those wooden tower diving boards and jumping to the ceiling of a place to get in. This method seems to favor the raiders too much as there is usually no effective way of shooing someone off of your roof.

This irks me because it’s such a… unromantic way of breaking into someone’s place.

I’d really like to see how adding additional snap traps on the roof of a building could deter jumper-raiders. However, I’ve been on since Monday and half of my time was desert barrel farming and rad-town running. I never once encountered a single Snap Trap blueprint, Object, or even another player’s snap trap.

I think that traps are being a bit overlooked and that’s causing a lot of frustration with raiders having such an upper hand. I’d really like to see Snap Trap being on by default just to see how it changes the meta for raiding.

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I personally think it would be just as balanced for anti-raiding as the starting Lock for doors.

You can get hurt by your own, and it’s very easy to see and avoid. I think it specifically counters only one method of raiding that’s a bit too powerful right now.