Can world models have animations?

Here is a question for you experienced modellers: Is it possible to give a

**weapon's world model**

animations, such as reloading with the clip actually ejecting, and the slide actually moving forward and back when shot?

It could have major benefits for machinima, rp, and it just looks nice.

I think it’s possible (though difficult). I’m just not sure, nor am i good enough (i do model stuff, I’m just not that good) to actually do it.

Thanks in advance.


Why bad spelling?


But yes, there are some misc combine props in EP2 that have animations. I’m not the expert on this but I’m sure it’s possible.


Not without editing the game code.

Really? Even if you scripted the lua to play those animations when firing?

Dear Sir, thou art an idiot. Good Day.

It is possible in Source, it just hasn’t been done yet. Not well, at least.

World models can have animations(look at some of the Combine stuff in Model Viewer). Judging from the OP’s request, he’d want a world model that has identical animations to the player model. You’d need custom models, some custom lua, and a fair bit of hard work to get it all synced and looking good, but it is indeed possible.

Awesome. I think i may give this a try, thanks :smile:

Or i will make a request if i get lazy.

It is possible you’d need to have the lua reference the animations serverside (as serverside is playermodel territory) to play when you do the action (such as reload).

I think you mean identical to the view model not player model, the player model would not be the best place to try doing this, though if you want the hands on the model to move when reloading you would have to have a player model with custom animations (which I think can be referenced with lua but I have no idea, i’ve done very little lua coding)

Even reloading isn’t that important to me, i was just going to make some awesome slide animations for over the shoulder playing.

Well it all depends. Can you swap world models on the fly?

Between separate weapons yes.

You can animate the texture of a world model

That is true, but I don’t think its what they were after (though its an interesting idea).

Yes, take for example, when you pump a shotgun, if i could make the w_model’s pump move to.

If I remember correctly the magazines on CSS world models come off when the player reloads.

Ya, that is what got me started on this.