can you add a chat bar to the auction page

I want to see what people would say if you add a chat bar thingy to the auction page :v:

People would shout “DONT BUY WAIT FOR $5 PLZ PLZ”
I don’t see a reason why they should add that.

it would be funny to see why people are buying the keys and also i just want a good laugh, plus this been requested before but dont think anyone seen it.

Shouldn’t it be obvious why people buy a key?
Have you ever heard of someone saying “I just bought Rust key because my pet parrot died.”

It still would pass the time faster when your waiting for a key.

It would be funny as fuck.

But if you can’t do the math to know when the game’ll reach your requested price and set a timer so you know when you head over to the auction page, I feel so sorry for you.

i just think that it would be entertaining to have a chat bar…

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and for account names for the chat bar you could have a thing that asks you what your user name wants to be for temp untill you close that tab.

+1 i’d like to see that

I for one would love an auction chat.

I agree with this statement.

why are you saying that when you can just hit the agree button…

I agree with that


New to the forum and its features.

I can see it now"Which one of you morons just bought a key for $200?"

I wish garry would say yes or no to this thread so i can stop glancing at it :suicide:

Why don’t you PM or email him to inform him of your idea?

cause i thought he reads all threads on the forums or all the suggestions.

no helk or max or garry reads this :frowning:

I seriously doubt this will ever happen