Can you add cars to the game? Please!..

It will be awesome if rust had transportion objects!!

Isn’t the player a transportation object?

I mean you can carry items in your inventory and move to point A to point B. You are the object transporting the items from one location to another.

are you just to scared to leave your little shack with your little pistol so you wan’t a car so you can drive by all the enemies?

I would love cars but no point with all the bugs, cars now would ruin the game even more then all those C4 beein around…

What’s with all the car suggestions for a game where you start with a rock for survival?

Not funny

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No, you can move faster from one loacetion to another (; you not that smart is you didn’t understand what I mean…(;

I thought there were cars?

i just saw a car… no lie. and I have low grade fuel…

da fuq?

I think it’s trying to communicate with us.

I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about what Aw3s0m3n3ss said.

Nice photoshop, look at them jaggies :dance:

that’s an official screenshot posted by garry

well in a video, (not cars but other vehicle, a youtube vid of psySindicate, in the beginning of the last rust vid, there was a plane flying over… soo yeah…

I was being facetious in an attempt to garner more attention to your image. I think it worked. :quagmire:


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So you’re begging for attention?

I’m not, no. It’s for your image silly.

More like you were being a pompous prick by attempting to make the other poster seem like a liar.

People can be deceived by ambiguous intentions.

More at Eleven!

More like faulty damage control.