Can you adjust the location of the loading dialogue?

Hi. I’ve been making a loading screen for my community for a while, and a recent design change, that’s focused on supporting resolutions as small as 800x600 (because reasons), has conflicted with the location of the loading dialogue.

I’ve noticed that when a player is connecting without having closed a disconnect message, sometimes the dialogue box can be in the center of the screen. Can we override the location of this box using javascript or something else? Here’s a screenshot of what I’m working with here.[/T]

At the moment, I’m compromising the tips section, which changes every 5 seconds from a list of tips. I’m being a filthy mong by using percentages in my width for now, which may explain why the entire page is about 10-20px up, despite the header being locked at top:0px;

So in the end, the question is: Does anyone have any ideas on how I can move the GMOD Loading dialogue? Or at least, can you give me some design pointers to work around it?

For reference, this is what the page should look like if you provide a valid profile and map.


[sp]Yes, the background changes too. No, those backgrounds are in-fact placeholders.[/sp]

Are you talking about the box that will display CheckPassword results, like, “You are banned!” and such?

he means the box that is shown on the bottom right that shows the status, and stuff like “retrieving server info; Sending client info”.

Yeah, that’s impossible to adjust.

Fuck. Is there any chance we could get such a feature implemented? I mean, I understand it can be abused, IE shifting the damn thing everywhere so you can’t click cancel. It gets in the way of a lot of my designs, and I refuse to purchase someone else’s work when I have the skills to do it myself.

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Also yes, when you retry or connect to the server before closing a CheckPassword result dialog, the connecting dialog which would normally appear in the bottom right corner instead appears in the center.

It’s a core Source feature that probably won’t be mangled with since it would have to be applied client wide.

Bugger. So I just have to work around it. Thanks a bunch code_gs!