Can you break wooden walls with a pickaxe or hatchet?

Need to break this wall in order to finish my house. I got no grenades or C4. Anyhelp?

You either have to start over, or blow it up with grenades or c4.

Not to be rude, but this question has been asked many times, and most guides, or even a well worded google search, could have answered it for you.

But no, you can’t.

Only F1 grenades and C4 can break through walls, the former requiring a simply impractical volume of materials to be worth it.

I do believe this player didn’t state what kind of wall it was?

A wood wall can be hatcheted a total of 6800 times to bring it down.
A metal door on the other hand definitely requires explosive charges or grenades.

You can not melee a wooden wall down. Requires c4 to bring it down.

Derpan, hit a wooden wall with a hatchet 55 times buddy.
Does repairing it work or is it still full health?

Please don’t post lies and deceit if you are not sure.
Wood walls can be hatcheted if hit ~6800 times.

I hit my walls (both metal and wood) with a pickaxe 500 times and they were both still at full health. If a wall could be destroyed by a pickaxe then hitting it 500 times would have done at least 1 point of damage.