Can you decorate your shack in Rust?


I haven’t bought Rust yet, but it really looks interesting. Especially the cannibalism part.
But I’ve got one question; Can I decorate the walls with skulls and bones? And can I drag bodies around and make one big tower of them?
And do you have sticks with skulls on them or maybe just heads?
And can you make a throne out of meat and bones?

If not, than these features will be really appreciated on my part if they get added.

Not at this time, although I’m sure stuff along those lines will be added in the future.

I think you need to see someone…these desires are slightly disturbing…

I do know when you kill another player, they body drops on the floor and drop human meat and bone fragment so that could be a possibility the only problem is that it could produce lag on the servers if there are piles of people’s bodies everywhere if you know what I mean.

Corpses currently vanish after 6 hours.

Plus, this recent Rust concept art is on the concepts Trello.

Stoked for signs. Rust needs signs so badly.

Those skulls look good, but there’s only one. I need thousands of them, interspersed with heads.

That’s pretty sick, Chubbs.

Blood for the blood god.

Skulls for the skull throne.

Well, this is actually a bit of the design I want to go for.

Really? THIS is what you want to decorate things with?? and people worry about cannibalism in the game;D

I figure that your idea is like The Forest’s totem poles of body parts, as a gruesome marker of some kind… but it would require addition of parts that really have no other function in game.

Decorating your shack is something that is speculated a lot by the devs, and Im pretty sure they will add skulls on stick or something like that.

Highly doubt the fleshthrone thingy, and dead bodies can’t be dragged atm, and if they could, they still disappear after a while

I’m not sure that the parts to make an effigy would have no function ingame, it would just be human flesh and wood wouldn’t it?

The moment you log into Rust, trust me, you’ll forget all about totems and skulls and all of that shit. Trust me, you will.

It’s hard to think when you have lead on the brain.

Alright then, I think I’ll just buy Rust and wait for an update that allows me to decorate my shack someday.

By the time Experimental reaches a playable state, I’m sure you won’t wait long for there to be things to decorate with. Asset additions is an extremely simple process in game development, especially ones that are crafted from raw ingredients that are already a part of the game and generation system.

If they added this it should be mounting skulls on a spear of the player you killed not just some bone wall you can craft.