Can you do more servers ???

all official servers are full…

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

I want the EAST COAST #3 LARGE back :frowning:

i want server for EU :slight_smile:

#1 Official servers are limited for now, but may expand, you must be patient for this. These servers are typically full during peak times for both US and EU, and neighboring countries.

#2 The fact you don’t think there are EU servers… :eng101:

And what happened to EAST servers?

In that regards, I do not personally know. Hopefully someone can share those details.

Might be maintenance or something else. I am not sure who is personally managing all of these servers.

That sucks man :confused: A entire day of work on that server :frowning:

All the east coast ones disappeared.

Whyyy Garry Whyyyy