Can you fix the server list?

Community tab is full of shit that doesn’t belong in that tab. Half of those servers are also in the modded tab and for example that de 18.9 PVP server says 93/500 but when I join it, it redirected me to a different server says I’m in Bearz.RU server or something, down the list further the real de 18.9 PVP server has 35/100 people. russian servers for buguser and haker. I play old rust in this server this server have to many hakers and admin know it and do nothing. Rick - man who DDOS other servers all time.
Detects fake servers this way you see only real servers :wink:

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And if Gary is seeing this:
You should just ban all bearzu ips from the master list!!
He fucked your legacy list and now fucks the new rust … Please just ban all his server ips! (I think he mainly has 3different ips)

lets be honest. if its an issue, it will be dealt with quietly and efficiently. anyone here long enough remembers what happened to ironpi with his crap; i have no concerns that if this guy is actually causing harm, he will vanish.

And it works!!! look at his main server, people all fall in the trap :wink: