Can you get banned on Gmod for aimbotting?

Can you get VAC banned on Gmod for aimbotting?

Its an aimbot. What do you expect?

you probably can depending on if ur on a vac server

arent they all vac?

No, you can’t. VAC doesn’t detect anything on Garry’s Mod.



Thanks guys

Where’d you get that answer from? Yer arse?

Another cool kid, making it up as he goes.

People answer questions they have no idea about and these people usually assume the asker has no common sense. Dickweeds.

Lua is handled by the game engine, so Lua aimbots won’t get you VAC banned.

Memory editing, cheat engines and aimbots (ones for CS:S etc) will get you banned, although VAC doesn’t seem to be enabled in Garry’s Mod.

I’ve always wondered this as well. Since there’s a popular aim bot mod for Garry’s mod.

u will get banned from the surver admin
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You must really suk if you need an aimbot, No Offence :S

You cant get VACed from GMod 10 cuz 9/10 aimbots are lua coded. But there are some things an admin of a server can do to see whether you have Aimbot, Then it’s their own choice to ban yo ass.

Let’s just wait for |Flapjack| to post his aimbot vid.

VAC isn’t enabled in GMod.

It’s a Lua aimbot, but if you want it, here it is.


Non-lua cheats/exploits/hacks/whatever you want to call them are not detected by VAC as VAC is not enabled in GMod.

I don’t think you can get banned for aimbotting Because VAC is Valve Anti-Cheat and Garry’s Mod Is done by team garry, Not Valve


You can probably not be banned because Garry’s Mod 10 Isen’t a Valve game and that means it dosen’t have VAC

Garry was talking about something that may cause this, he said he won’t mention implementing it and will get a lot of you by surprise.

Why would you need an aimbot in gmod anyway?

Unless he decides to actually get Valve to get VAC to detect detours, it won’t catch me by surprise. And if it does, there’s always my alt.

Roleplay, TTT, Fretta.

Shit’s so cash when you don’t need to aim.