Can you give Emporor Kahn some faceposing/fingerposing/eye posing?

ported by roland, the guy who did wonder woman, kitana, sonya, and raiden
i did ask before making this thread if i can put it here, would anyone be willing to give this ragdoll finger, face, and eye posing?

oh and when you download it, the path is messed up, copy the file that says textures, make a new folder in the same are so textures and the new folder are in the same folder, name it models, paste the texture folder in it, and delete the texture in the previous one to get the textures working

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shao khan ported WOOOOOOOOOO

yes…the emporor has arrived

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come on guys, its SHOA FREAKING KAHN…

Wow, you guys couldn’t correctly write either emperor or Shao Kahn in any of your replys.

It’s either emporor, Shao Khan or Shoa Kahn.

ugh…i have to stop typing so fast