Can you help a Noob?

Hi, I just got Garrys mod for Christmas, and need help. I was wondering if anoyne could tell me some fun servers to play on/game mods and maybe a beginners gide to gMod. I have downloaded a few zombie survival ones, and also am wondering how to get more things to make my own maps in single player, and more items/weapons to use in the single player interface. Alos, is there a fallout/post apocalyptic map/mod that anyone knows about?
Thanks In advance.

This website has all of the addons you will need/want.

  1. You can make maps in a program called “Hammer”. You can download it by going to the Tools tab on Steam and installing “Source SDK”.

How do I check if these things are safe?

Normally, if 1000+ people have downloaded it, you can count on it.

Also, addons on the front page are normally safe.

But if you are extremely paranoid, if you have Mozilla Firefox, it automatically checks for viruses on the files.

I downloaded the server for gm atomic on garrys mod multiplayer, but then at the end, it says missing map and disconnects me. What is this?

Atomic cant be downloaded trough Gmod. I dont remember why, but you need to download it from .org.

thank you very much


How do I get it into garrys mod?


What about SVN addons?

This is the only must-have from

Put the “gm_atomic.bsp” file into C:\program files\steam\steamapps\ -yoursteamname- \garrysmod\garrysmod\maps

Haha Divran. Advertising your thread. :siren: He’s right though, everyone. :siren: