Can you hire an Administrator for the Official servers PLEASE?

With the amazing sales of Rust, would it be too much to ask to take some of that 7.5 million and maybe hire an administrator or two for the official servers? Would really help the community and greatly assist in identifying hacks/exploits etc that are rampant and need to be documented during the ALPHA phase so we can play an even better game in the future!

I fully agree with this post, and I’d honestly apply for the position but I’m too busy running and managing my own server. But yes very needed, those servers are absolutely destroyed. If I’m online it only takes me 10 seconds to rid of a cheater, while cheaters can wreck havoc for days on those servers

And it’s unfortunate because the more ‘casual’ players have no idea what community servers are and just hop on the official ones thinking they’re going to get a better experience, or have more fun because of the high playercounts

I’m fully up for this. It would be a good way to clean up the servers with hackers and spammers and give us players a smooth gaming experience this way. I understand they may not do this because people will always accuse even the innocent of hacking but even then the admin can just ban people only he sees hacking. Even that will be of help.

I appreciate the support for this topic, if we can get enough people echoing these concerns it may help the business case for facepunch to get an HR req approved.

i can be admin for free, i hate cheaters…i can play this game+ be admin if it need 15/24 every day…but im sure they wont make it. and ofc i have fraps and every ban (if) will be with proofs.

I will guarantee about 100 people post on this topic saying they want to be it, it won’t ever happen so no point in even wasting your time with this.

Hire an admin? Why pay someone for something many people will do for free?

That being said, yes, the official servers are a nightmare to play on. They are riddled with all varieties of nonsense that desperately need to be cleansed. It would be just awesome is the developers would appoint an administrator or four to police the official servers.

We want actual employee’s who have a vested interest in keeping their job as well as making the game better, volunteer admins tend to get more abusive.

At least that’s been my experience with MMOs

I agree, even though the game is in the alpha stage, this can only help the developers and community. One or two Admins would be enough.



Anyone who asks for power probably shouldn’t be given any at all. Especially on an internet forum.

personally, i wouldn’t want the job, i mean 8 hrs a day removing hackers…when you could be on your server playing. no thanks!

Why not find another server, or put the game down for a few days while this shakes out?

Seriously - it’s in alpha. You knew it would have problems. You knew there would be times that it might be unplayable. And if you didn’t, then you have no business buying something that has “alpha” stamped all over it. It’s a risk you chose to take.

+1 million

So you pay for alpha full price, but cant play the alpha… that’s normal? If you are giving excuses for a hack that literally whipes out mass amounts of people in a instant, and then you act like: “u mad?” you are surely brain dead. If this was a gun game like csgo and there was hacks instantly killing you as you tried to spawn, you think csgo would get anything other then a failed review?

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After seeing some of the “proof” of cheaters (like the guy whining about someone who built a metal tower), the thought of giving ANY power to forum posters is scarier than the thought of encountering a cheater.

I snipped my post because MassSuicide is a permabanned user’s alt, but TL;DR version:

You pay for the finished game, not the alpha. This is exactly the same as a preorder, except that you are given immediate access to the development builds instead of getting nothing but screenshots and a preorder countdown timer on the Steam Store. The store warns you that the game isn’t finished.

VAC will catch cheaters, and pissing and moaning in new threads in the forums does nothing but shit this place up. If you know something useful about a new hack, report it in the Rust exploits forum. Otherwise, shut your face and play something that’s fun while Rust has growing pains.

P.S. Iamderek, since I know you’re looking at this, you’re so entertaining. postal’s got all day :v:

Its early acess when you cant play? Last I check dying over and over is unplayable. Hackers literally flying around and killing people by the hundreds and you say its not a big deal, LOL im sure nobody cares the rage in chat is fake.

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I don’t consider this a whine thread at all!, I’ts simply a request that I think will improve the product quality as well as the play-ability during alpha, how can we TEST that which we cannot PLAY?!?