can you host two servers on one computer

Question : Can you host two server on one computer and if so, how?

Different ports.
Use two separate shell/batch scripts for this.

what ports can i use?

Default is 27500.
You can use any port you want, really.

okay so i can use like port 27125?

Default range is 27015-27030 - you should use any of those.

and you start up the second server just as i did with my first right?

You can even use the same game directory.

It’s better to symlink most content and have the configuration files separate.

That didnt really work! It was either my second server who crashed or you couldnt join the other server.

did you change the port?


Yes. You can host as many as you want. Default port is 27015. If that cannot be found, 27016 is used, if not, 27017. You can customize it by adding by adding the argument +port (your port) to your bat script. As an example, for your first three servers, you don’t need to have your port set with the “+port” argument.

Make sure you are port forwarding the other port you want to use as well.