Can you install more than one server mod at once?

I currently have Rust essentials installed and I was looking to go for more. I really like what I can do with essentials but there are exclusive features for Oxide and Magma that I was looking to get. If this is not possible to add more than one mod, which is the best mod for a rust server?

No - they are not compatible with one another. I have tried them all and have found Essentials to be the best all in one in my opinion, plus its pretty easy to get started with and use. Check the Essentials Trello - the features you are looking for may be coming up in a future update?

You can add more than one Mod, though be careful about them clashing. We had Essentials originally but removed it in preference for individual plugins.

Out of interest, here’s the list of plugins we’re running at the moment:

Oxide (2)
AutoMessage (1)
AirDropInbound (1)
Multiple Homes Teleport (1)
Limited Sleepers (1)
Advanced Kits (1)
Airdrops (1)
Auto Compass (1)
Durability Controller (1)
Decay Control (1)
Door Closer (1)
Basic Economy (3)
Groups (4)
Simple Help (1)
Private Messaging (1)
R-Remover (1)
Roll the Dice (1)
Server Rules (1)
Chat History (1)
Door Sharing (1)
Flags (1)
MOTD (1)
Knock Knock (1)
Stats (1)