Can you make a cs:s map with hl2 props etc ?

As the title says ?
Is it possible ?

You get HL2 textures and props with every game, so I don’t see why not.

Ok thanks :)/
Its just im thinking about creating the airport from Modern Warefare 2…

That levels fucked up :3:

I just finished the game earlier. Slightly disappointing.

You should get the baggage models and maybe an aeroplane from L4D as well.

Its good for team deathmatch
Me and my friends play it on the ps3 its well good

On Xbox me and about 10 mates play tag - everyone goes on one team apart from one person that goes around melee-ing everyone.

Lol sound good, Might try it on PS3 with my Mates…

Someone has to make the rooftops map from MW2.