Can you make a TDM server?

So i like my FPS and i love my old CoD and i had the idea of setting up a 16 slot TDM server in gmod with CoD maps and weapons but i have no idea if you can do it. I know there is CS , TF2 and so on but i like this idea and a few of my friends like the idea as well. Now if i cant is there any other ideas for servers i can host? (I already have VPS that is running cs:go servers)

“gmod with CoD maps and weapons”

I’m sorry, what?

Well i know i could just play call of duty but i want to play MW2 maps with bo2 weapons and so on :slight_smile: mainly with my friends. Plus most of the CoD are on pc are mew but when i tried the maps + weapons on gmod by myself it was better for some reason



he wants to set up a TDM server, don’t go batshit insane at any mention of CoD

Tbh, judging by the title, he wants us to set up his tdm server

I do not want you guys to do it for me, i just want to make sure you can do it before i waste my time on doing it.

To answer OP’s question, if you truly want to run…ugh, a “cod” server, just find one of the many, many TDM gamemode configs, download one of the overabundant M9K weapon packs, maybe find some bloody screen effect or something too if your TDM gamemode doesn’t have it already, and set up a server yourself.

Nah, considering that RP and M9K are some of the most dominant addons for Garry’s Mod and there’s been a nonstop focus on realism with the workshop’s upload stream, it’s barely even still about building or being creative anymore.

Garry’s Mod is powered by lua, a language anyone can pick up and start scripting for - as long as you’ve got the skill, anything is possible

Thank you :slight_smile: The CoD server is more or less just for my friends and i if i wast to run one for you guys it would be a building server

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Ugh, how daft of this man for wanting to to make a “CoD” server. Us intellectuals will continue pretentiously playing our mod of a 2004 source engine game.

In all seriousness, you can probably just find a CoD weapon pack and a base team deathmatch gamemode and combine the two. Would take hardly any lua knowledge and you’d be up and ready to go pretty quickly.

Refer to the gmod wiki if you need help with lua - I’m a novice at lua and it answers about 80% of my questions when it comes to scripting.

Good luck.

Here are some links you may find useful for setting up your TDM Gmod/Cod server:

And finally:

Hope this helped

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