Can you make bigger texture sheet for a model?

What I’m trying to say is if you can give a model that has a 512x512 or 1024x1024 texture sheet a new one, like a 2048x2048 or so, and if you can please tell me how.

Help will be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Just replace the old texture with the bigger one, it will work.

You said that I should just replace it with a bigger one?
It didnt worked, the model is still using a small texture sheet, If I replace the small texture sheet with the big one, the textures get messed up.

Then the UV map is obviously not the same.

I’m kinda new to skining (I know how to reskin thats all I know) So i know jack shit about UV maps and stuff :confused: Mind explaining it to me? and telling me how to fix it?

What model is it you are trying to Skin?

I’m trying to reskin the default HL2 green bottle (GlassBottle01a), the texture sheet is 256 x 128 and I want to make it 1024 x 512 or higher so I can give it a high-res skin.

It’s not possible without Re-UVMapping the model.

Sounds hard… and it probably involves a modelling program right? : /

Are you sure?

Yes. knowing valve.

Bullshit. You can use a larger texture map and it will still use the same pixel data for the same areas, but will allow you to put more into the same area.

Please listen to me and watevaman

Ok, now how do I do it?
I have tried replacing it and it got messed up… I need the full instructions, sorry if I’m a pain in the ass…

It is very possible. You just can’t re-arrange where everything is. Everything has to still be in the same place as before, just expand the original image to the desired size.


Here is an example

Picture: 256 X 128

The first wrapping (The body of the bottle) is 159 X 91
The top of the bottle is 20 X 44
The bottom of the bottle is 57 X 56

If I make the texture sheet 1024 X 512(that is 4 times its size) it should be something like this?

First wrapping: 159(x4) x 91(x4) = 636 x 364
Top of the bottle: 20(x4) x 44(x4) = 80 x 176
Bottom of the bottle: = 57(x4) x 56(x4) = 228 X 224

Am I wrong?


Or just resize it like you said lol so much easier thanks :slight_smile: Gonna try it when I get home.

I don’t get whats so hard?

I got it, I got it… you dont need to get mad mate.
I already did it.

Sorry if i came off as mad. I was just trying to help.

that’d make it ALOT less detailed. the resizing pixellizes it.