can you place a ladder agaisnt a pillar?

all i need to know to make sure i can still build (a hard raidable base)

You can never make an unraidable base anyway that would be silly, But with ladders added it will be alot harder to make a secure base and probably not even worth it. My prediction is that everyone but the groups of 5+ people is going to have a very hard time building a decent base over the next few weeks but we shall see

Answer my question instead of crying about ladders plz


I’m not crying I tried to help you and spent my time answering your question. You clearly know you’re wrong as you’ve edited the op so you don’t sound like a retard…

You sure. You tested?

Install the server on your PC & test it. They may mod before release to the non Dev branch but why would they make such an obvious glitch like that possible?

It has been tested. Yes, you can do it. They did make this “glitch” possible.

You can ladder up pillars. You can C4 from a ladder. You can stick dozens of ladders all over someone’s door (ladders on ladders).

Can’t place ladders inside ladders - @garrynewman (/main)

I also saw on Twitter you can’t fire from a ladder. I would assume that means you can’t throw C4 too.

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Yes. Just go play the dev version and you can try out ladders all you want.

Sorry should have been clearer. I meant it would be a glitch/anomaly if you couldn’t ladder up a pillar.

Yeah, it says that you can’t shoot from ladders. I left it out because am not sure if throwing c4 is shooting.

Yea, I’m not sure if it means just weapons or tools as well. Will try it out later tonight if I get a chance. I think it would be okay if the only thing you can do is move on the ladder and not use any items at all. This results in people being able to overcome elevator bases and rock bases easier, but doesn’t make it so OP’d that they can just put C4 where ever they want or climb up and pick axe a weaker wall.