Can you play Garry's Mod with an Xbox 360 or ps3 controller?

Is it possible to play Garry’s Mod with and Xbox 360 or ps3 controller? If so do I need a specific program to do so? How would that work?

Why would you want to?

I know that the wired xbox 360 controllers are just plug-and-play, but not sure about PS3, so, sure, you can move around with the xbox 360 controller, but not move the mouse…

I played coop Gmod with my sister… So yes… You can just type into console “exec 360controller”
And add Gmod funcs(spawn menu,etc…) to unused buttons.

It works with PS3 controller too.

I Hope, i help’d you.

Yeah, but it;s not going to be as much responsive as if you use a mouse.