Can you play gmod just by owning portal?

A mate of mine says he bought portal and he also bought gmod and gmod is giving him an error about needing to have at least one source game in order for it to work.
This sounds stupid since portal is a source game and from what I know it’s also updated to the latest source engine version…

Uhhh…no, of course not, you have to own garrys mod, it wont come with portal or anything else, your mate is lying to you >:O

You didn’t understand my question.
He didn’t say he got gmod free or something.
Gmod requires another source game in order for it to work, and my mate has an account where the only other game he owns is portal. He has recently bought gmod to that account too. His account has just 2 games on it, portal and gmod and because of that gmod does not start!
It gives the error that it needs at least one source game to start which is a stupid error because portal IS a source game.
I am asking because I plan on getting another gmod on different account where the only source game that I have there is portal.SO I would like to know if I am going to buy gmod for nothing on that account.

He would be unable to have bought Gmod if he can’t run it for that reason.

Could it be because he received it as a gift?

Is it Portal? Or is it Portal: First Slice?

You must have one of the games or packs listed here: in order to play Garry’s Mod.


It’s portal not first slice!
Also I can confirm what he said. I’ve had an account with portal that I got for free when valve gave it away. And I got gmod on it just now and it doesn’t work.
I think garry broke the ability to play gmod with just portal in one of his recent updates.
This problem needs to be clarified by somebody that knows more or maybe by garry himself.
I think this is a serious issue!

If you got the free one, I believe it doesn’t come with the SDK and other files that Garry’s Mod actually needs to run. You’ll have to buy an actual game.

So in reality gmod needs more than just portal.
This is very weird. Because the portal that valve gave out is the full version of portal with nothing changed.
The sdk is missing yes. But why doesn’t it say on the requirements page that you need the BOUGHT version of portal to play gmod instead of the one that was given out for free a few months ago…
If this is not corrected, it can cause lots of other people to buy gmod for nothing. While this means extra cash for garry, it’s not very nice towards ppl like my mate and me tbh. I don’t mind spending those cash but this is lame because I have to buy an extra source game to actually be able to use it.
Some don’t wish to do that if they know they have portal.


Lol sorry about that, I was thinking about portal 2 when I wrote that 2 lol.
I meant portal not portal 2 rofl.
I deserve boxes and abc’s for that one.

Anyway, I guess this is why it doesn’t work.
If you have the portal game that was given away for free a few months ago,you can’t play gmod.
This should be mentioned in the gmod requirements page somewhere to prevent further confusion.
I guess I no longer have a problem other than spending money both me and my mate for nothing,it’s garry’s problem now.

This would be an issue if you couldn’t get the Orange Box for buttons.

Duuh, I know he doesn’t make money of other games besides gmod, I am not dumb.
Read what I said properly.
What I said is that he is making money from selling gmod, yeah those 5bucks are money and when you multiply them they earn you a fortune.
What bothered me is that if the requirements don’t get corrected garry will continue getting money from people that think they can buy gmod and play it, just because they have the free version of portal and they think it’s all they need.
People need to know you need the sdk to play gmod and not be misinformed.
I also said that even if updating the requirements page is the right thing to do, Garry will most likely not do it because it’s against his financial interests to do so.

I would not generalize about what people already have.
You don’t know how poor people are in places like for ex eastern europe and how much they pirate all things before they finally decide to buy something.
Maybe you forget the huge numbers of people that got banned on this forum a few months ago when garry first changed the auth method for
Lots of those are just poor bastards that can’t afford the concept of shelling out money for videogames. Lots of those ppl started to buy the game and one of them happens to be a guy i know.
I also tried to buy gmod and give the account to another guy as a gift but because of this I have to buy another source game and I did.
I can guarantee you that there are thousands that still want to buy gmod and haven’t done so because they are too cheap to do it.
Case closed.

Wait…Do you have Portal and gmod on the SAME ACCOUNT? Your must have the games on the same account if you want it to work, i think

I think Gmod comes with the HL2 stuff(?) (Excluding the expansions). So you might need just TF2/CS:S. But I don’t know why portal wont work.

100% but HL2 is for the best. without HL2 you may experience unnecessary troubles.

Someone even told me they were able to use Gmod without HL2 and such, because it came with source content.

HL2 isn’t that expensive, it’s a good game, it’s worth buying.

Get CS:S. Gmod already has all the stuff from HL2.

Uh no?