Can you please stop banning me?

I used a hack on my first account ( i know, i know i was stupid ) because i was being trolled by other hackers, so that account was banned fair enough i totally understand. So i want to keep playing Rust so i bought a new account, arent even using any bloody hacks, and because people know who i am and what i used to do they report me and ive been banned another 4 times when i havent used any hacks. Can you stop banning me honestly, i wouldnt come here asking this if i was still using hacks i just want to play the god damn game and stop getting banned via Reports alone. Please get back to me i love Rust too much to give up on it

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - Pascall))

You’ve been EAC banned five times?? Wow that is impressive.

And you don’t get banned off reports alone. Your hacks are still running because most hacks fuck with your computer like that, and so EAC is still detecting it.