Can you Please Un Vac Banned me?

When i was laying “RUST” (Full Version) I headshoted A person with a P250 on the road standing still then soon after 5 mins I disconnected then it said You have Been Vac Banned Then i tried to join another server but then it didn’t work it said i was banned!

Please Unban me please? ;(

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

Facepunch Studios cannot reverse VAC Bans. If you wish to dispute the ban, you have to contact Valve.

Again, Facepunch Studios has zero authority/bearing on VAC bans and therefore can’t unban someone who was VAC banned.

Are you sure it said VAC ban? Google steam VAC ban. Facepunch can’t do anything. No one on these forums can do anything about a VAC ban. You can try to contact steam. If you are banned from ever server - and it’s a VAC ban, then it is useless to ask here about it. This is a Steam/Valve ban.

You were vac banned because you used hack program(s)

link your steam account

done. enjoy

Another one Bites the Dust :saxout:

why do they always have such random names that scream “burner account”?

You’re now Un Vac Banned thanks to your friend infusednz