can you plz help me with this?

hey guys im trying to make a perskin out of male 07 and a pac soldier from battlefield 2142 and i got this:

where do i go from here how do i attach the other head where do i find male 07s .mdl file and what do i do for the qc thx guys + ive veiwed the tut in here but i dont get it can someone explain in detail?

Work on simpler stuff, you sound like you don’t even know how to compile a simple prop.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Otherwise, start by decompiling male 07’s model, then import it into your scene, delete his body and attach it to your ragdolls neck. Then i wouldn’t know what to do next.

i cant find the model for male 07 along with his phy and all that when i tried before it didnt work all it showed was male 07 body and no materials

Is that body even on the HL2 biped?

it probably isn’t, he’s very new to modeling and he’s trying to do complicated shit. I don’t even know how to rig because i never needed to… (except in weapon models :D)

seriously flamester stop trying to rig ragdolls, work on compiling a partially transparent cube with a hole in it (that you can place items in). You will encounter many errors, and by fixing them, you will learn about the source engine.

by then you might be able to try rigging.

It is on the valve biped