Can you port maps and/or map like elements from unity games to Orange box? (Garry's Mod)

I have a question.
Can you port maps or map like files from Unity (any version) to Garry’s mod?
My aim in the end is to port this map of the town I live in to Garry’s Mod, its from a unity game called “The Amazing Frog?”.

This is what it looks like (I hope to cut it down at least-also I’m going to rid the map of its interactive objects):

I have seen a guy who had ported the main character to Garry’s mod as a playermodel (as seen here: )

I am a noob at hammer, I can create a simple large map but that’s about it.


I only know of ways to do the opposite… Importing hammer files to unity.
There are some tools where you create geometry(terrain) and export as bsp but it’s only for displacements.

If you’re new to mapping and want to get started I’d say rebuilding it in hammer would be a good exercise :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest would be to convert the whole city as a mdl.
(You will just need to find a correct scale when compiling the model)
And then put it in hammer, and build over the model to do an exact reproduction of the city (using brushes). It might be long, but I dont see any other way.

Unless wallworm can convert any model into brush but I dont know.

Wallworm can, but the faces have to be convex (not concave) or it will not work, so it’s quite a lot of work having to separate every face of the model.
Source 2 thankfully supports concave brushes, so I hope Wallworm gets Source 2 support in the future.

Was sent to this thread because someone thought @Wormy might be me… no :slight_smile:

So you could convert that scene with WW, but here is the catch: in order to really be successful as porting levels from other sources via Max/WW, you really need to understand how Source BSP works first; secondly, you should have a working knowledge of Max/WW as well. So, as OP self-affirmed, if you label yourself as a “I am a noob at hammer” then you probably will struggle with properly converting a scene.

Any level that comes into Max where there are things that you would think of as “Brushes” in Hammer needs to be either a valid brush or must be converted to a valid brush; everything else needs to be converted into models.

To be a valid brush, an object must abide by these rules:

  • Each Element bust be Convex
  • Each Polygon must be Planar
  • There can be no co-planar polygons

An object can properly export as a “concave” brush provided that each Element Sub-Object abides by the rules above and the object is Tagged as a Concave Brush via the Level Design submenu in WW.

The catch is that levels from other games are generally not in this format–nor are decompiled levels from Source itself. So for those cases, you have to do a lot of manual work to make it successful.

Here are a few helpful resources:

Hopefully this info helps you get on your way some.