Can you Port This Model To Garry's Mod

Okay, I have the model, but I haven’t a clue on how to port it to an .MDL format. So I am asking you skilled modelers of facepunch to rig this one and port it to Garry’s mod.

It’s Metroid Prime, form 1:

Download Model Here:

Let me know here if you will try.
If you are good enough, maybe you can make this an SNPC possibly?


I would do it if I knew how to rig models/make them ragdolls but I haven’t foud any tutorials on such for xsi. :frowning:

I second and third this.

The link says the download is expired or invalid.

the link should be fixed
i would do this myself, but i havent the know how to make them into ragdolls, and stuff.

so anybody up for this?


so nobody can do this? all i need is the ragdoll of this made, thanks guys

Here is your ragdoll port request:

comes with three sizes.

thanks you sir, and good day to you

I don’t even know what that thing IS and I want it