Can you provide a way to block render.fov cheat ?

hi all,

I recently discovered that some players were playing rust modifying their FOV (render.fov command). I tried and I think that it is a big cheat, it is not acceptable. Doing this you can just see through walls … it’s also easier to aim and the recoil is decreased. I’m looking for a way to block that on my server and for the moment there is nothing I can do. I was wondering if the client sent his parameters to the server but it seems not. Can you provide a way to block that ?

i prefer the fov at 90 and do not use it to cheat.

maybe you should suggest we ban volume levels over a certain decibel because they make footsteps easier to hear also?

How would fov see through walls? Do you mean its clipping through?
Not to sound like a broken record, record, record, record, scrchz

All players should play with the same parameters. Changing your fov you can just see through walls ! Do you think it’s normal ?

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If you put your shoulder against the wall and then turn your sight, you just see what is behind the wall as if the wall was not here at all !

Dude, if you press f3 and go into 3rd person and turn your camera around, you can pretty much scout an entire base. This is much worse than a simple fov change.

And you think it’s fair ?

Not at all! It’s worse then having gaping cracks in the walls people can look through, which I was not a fan of either. Who would build a base with such low quality walls yet know how to make machine guns from base materials? Just doesn’t make sense. I also don’t like that you can see through foundations into bases, and a number of other exploitable things currently in the game, but they are low on the list of fixes and updates because the building system is in a very tentative stage right now, as the devs figure out what works and what doesnt work. We just gotta make due with what we got, currently.

For me they should be at the top of the list of fixes. The main rust’s problem is the cheat. It’s just impossible to play normally. Players hide into animal corpse, they use all what they can to workaround the right way to play. It’s impressive to see how hard it is to play normally and fair …

Not sure if you’re trolling or don’t follow garrys posts?

I’m not trolling :slight_smile: I don’t follow. Is this update only on experimental server ? I’m talking about legacy …

Legacy is not being updated, and hasn’t been for quite some time now.

Yeah Rust Legacy will most likely never get any updates buddy.

“Most likely never”? Legacy is dead when we’re talking updates.

I think that some players will play on legacy forever as experimental is very different. It’s almost two different games, some players will prefer the first instead of the second version. Maybe that there will have others updates on legacy in the future once experimental is more stable.


Do you need to modify the shortcut to make it run legacy rather than default?

I would like to have one shortcut for legacy and one for default. When I create a shortcut it just launches default. To run legacy I have to open my Steam library and run it from there.

For me personally, I like having my fov set to 90 as it reduces the motion sickness I experience when moving quickly while playing games with narrow vision.

LOL, Manipulator94 votes sendjes’s post saying “Legacy is not being updated, and hasn’t been for quite some time now.” as dumb, then posts directly below it, saying, “Yeah Rust Legacy will most likely never get any updates buddy.” ???

Are you seriously bi-polar, Manipulator94? I don’t get it…

no he agreed with it. and bi polar is a serious mental condition, its not something to joke about