Can you purchase Garry's Mod if you only have Team Fortress 2 Downloaded? Please, answer!

So, right about now, I REALLY need to know if it’s possible to download Garry’s Mod if you only have Team Fortress 2. I also downloaded the “Source SDK”, “Source SDK 2006”, and “Source SDK 200&” off of Steam. Now, I just need to know if it’s safe or not to buy Garry’s mod. Thanks!


You can, but you’re going to be missing a LOT of ‘required’ content. I’d probably get The Orange Box/CSS first (I think the default shared content for HL2/other source games are already included in Garry’s Mod, so you’ll have that basic shit.)

I’d really recommend getting CSS too as CSS content is used on 99% of maps

And in most weapon bases as well.

CSS is used for most maps and weapons, EP2 is generally used for a majority of textures.

I’d reccomend getting the orange box or CSS.