Can you really be banned for saying LOL WUT

I heard you can be banned for saying LOL WUT is this true…




unless it’s a serious rp server

I doubt it.


the way the ohdear smily looked at your avatar was perfect

Actually, in the old times, if your reply had lolwut somewhere you got instabanned.

If you look in the event log, you can see what people are getting banned for, and why threads are being closed. Some of the most recent reasons at post time are:

“Undescriptive thread title/Dumb”
“Crap Thread”
Along with trolling / warez.

This has so much to do with I can’t stand it

Now to see if the myth is true.

Here you go:


Image macros are bannable anyway

Yes, off Facepunch you can, My friend was banned for saying “Hi, lol”

That’s because you’re not allowed to post introduction threads :eng101:

In my server, yes.

lol wut