Can you run Garry's Mod 13 without a Source game?

My friend only has $10 and want’s garrysmod. Will he be able to play things like spacebuild and trouble in terrorist town without a Source game WITH garrysmod?

Possibly spacebuild, but TTT requires counter strike.

What about Deathrun, say on a Sassilization server?

**yes **

You would be physically able to run Garry’s Mod by downloading TF2 and SDK Base 2007 for free.

However, you would be missing content from games like Ep2 and CSS, commonly used in Garry’s Mod Addons.

you gotta DL TF2 first

gmod comes with all half life 2 assets (NOT the 2 episodes though)

if you want any other assets you got to buy the source game they were originally made for

Actually I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine even without the assets because of the new fallback system.
IIRC for the more common games like CS:S, if you don’t own it, instead of giving you checkerboards and errors, it uses extremely low-res versions of the textures.
I think that was implemented; correct me if I’m wrong.


You’re probably best off saving and getting CSS since so many maps and gamemodes use their resources now

That is right. Yesterday i was wondering why the cs:s player models were very low poly and low res.

It turned out that i didn’t install CS:S