Can you save the map online for multiple people?

Kind of like Paradox games or Sins of a solar empire. I only play GMOD online with two-three people and we’re all friends. I host a server, we dick around.

Are there any ways to save a map for all of us so we can join right back to what we were doing? We’re making a lot of maps and having fun playing around in evocity, for example. We want our changes to stick.

Couldn’t save the map to my knowledge, but you could use the adv. duplicator to save your contraptions. That would only work well for things like cars, though.

Uses falcos mysql save thingy shit.

Come again Wipmuck?

I guess I didn’t make my post clear. At all. I’ll rephrase:

Four guys are in a map. We all have similar addons and the same weapons, no errors. We trick the crap out of a map and add monsters, zombie forts, and more to it and just have fun. But we want to continue tomorrow, right? Is there any way for all of us to “save” the map so I can rehost it the next day and my friends can rejoin?

He understood the question, he was just referring to a Falco script that would save your props using a MySql database. This would be a bit more complicated then a simple save file, but would accomplish your goals.

For the life of me I can’t find anything with Falco and Mysql, anyone got a link?

Weld all the stationary stuff like bases together then adv dupe them all and when you load the file, make sure to check “paste at original location” and for all the non-stationary stuff like maybe vehicles, dupe them separately. then paste them all when you load the map again.

This works a little bit. You can save props we make by hand like forts but all the little details we’ve added to static buildings disappear like furnature or cars in garages.

Also it seems buggy as crap with NPC’s so we deleted them all. I guess its better than nothing though, thanks! Its a shame you can’t just save the “map” like in singleplayer and just load it right away with all your stuff saved. Would be an awesome idea for Garry to look into, eh?