Can you see someone outside there? +bonus

Lets go, lets go. Here, in this building, we could look for some help or info.
Oh god, its blood! It’s blood everywhere… I feel scared… Are you? If you are not, then I won’t be!

Can you see someone? Some lights or activities?.. Where is everyone… I am hungry… I ate yest… yesterday? Where I was yesterday? What date is today? Uhh…
Robo, do you have name? bzzt bop… I guess you have… maybe I could give you a nickname?[/t]


I wish I had someone who could help me editing pictures with software besides ingame effects.
If someone is interested enough they’ll help you out.

Try using superdof for ingame blur, press render and the quality is much higher than regular blur.

It really was a superdof already, i just kept messing with blur amount. Im not quite good at that jet.
But thank you, from now on will try to pay attention on blur quality.