Hello there, and welcome to **‘Can You Survive?’ ** Rust Server. (Formally ‘Woodbury Server’)

Connection Info:**** or Search for ‘Can You Survive’

Our server is administered by seasoned and fair players, which means under no circumstances will you expect exploiters/hackers/griefing during your time on our server. Admin support is available almost 24/7, and should you need to report anything just request a respective Admin.

We welcome all new players to our server, and humbly offer players the chance to seek refuge and shelter in our ‘Safe Zone’ where players can build and contribute to living there, or alternatively you can use it as a temporary living solution until you acquire the correct resources to go elsewhere. On Sunday nights we also conduct events to increase community interaction, and of course have FUN!

Can You Survive Features:

  • Oxide
  • 24/7 Admins
  • No Sleepers
  • PVP
  • Fun and Sociable Environment
  • Active Door Share
  • Starter Kit
  • Removal Tools (Only applies to your own props, i.e. misplaced pillars, walls etc)
  • Economy Plugin (Yet to be installed, offers the chance to open up trade)

We also have a Team Speak:

We invite you to join our server and have some fun! I look forward to seeing you!

  • Scheiffer