Can you use Cheat engine on garrys mod.

Today i was playing on a RP server when one of my friends told me that you could use cheat engine to edit how much money you have. Is this true, if so can someone tell me how? Like a little tutorial?

Bah, why do you really need to cheat on RP servers RP is made for a reason…

I would think no because it would involve editing a file.

No, you cannot edit serverside variables with cheat engine on your client. :downs:

Why isn’t he using Lua anyways…

VAC ban, eh?

Stop trying, VAC is disabled for Garry’s Mod.

It’s still enabled. If you get VAC’d from a VALVe game you get VAC’d you don’t get VAC’d for Gmod but if you get VAC’d from Gmod you don’t VAC’d from VALVe games. :eng101:

Nah, I tried it.
If you were to check, my VAC is fine.

VAC doesn’t work with Gmod at all. No matter what Garry / Valve says.

You cant get vac banned in Gmod cause most “hacks” for garrysmod use lua and lua is not vac-bannable.

EDIT: :ninja: ^^

So then there would be no there way?

Maybe with some mega-hax.

Why would you want to?

Don’t take this the wrong way, and I’m not being biased, but GMod RP is shit.

The majority of GModders just want to fuck around and don’t care about the rules.

Even if they did, it’s still boring as hell.

Even using hlhooks or code injections won’t get you VAC’d from GMod. Because it isn’t enabled.

i have used cheat engine but im sure u can on single player

not sure about rp servers though

So your “friend” is a hacker then?