Can you waterproof props?

I was wondering if i can make a submarine for example with a collection of props and some how make it waterproof so that water wouldnt flood it. It dosent have to float but i would like the inside of the submarine to stay clear of water. Any suggestions?

No I don’t think it’s possible, because water in Garry’s Mod is static, not Dynamic. It can’t change necessarily or move at all.

Technically there isn’t really any real water in the source engine, what it does have are brushes that let props float on them and players to “swim” through.

I supposed you could create a small area in which the player movement and gravity is normal, also without that hazy under-water-vision effect.

I read in the waterizer thread that this would only be possible if Garry implimented a certain hook into Gmod.

dynamic water should be the next update, whats theyv mad it of course

Maybe a tool could be made where you could make a big shape that, while you’re inside it, your character doesn’t act like it’s underwater, and then you could just build submarines and shit around that.

Source engine does not have dynamic water, you need that in order to do something like this.

Not possible.

What the fuck are you on about?

that would have to effect the map completely and would most likely destabilize everything causing the map to crash. its like removing a building in game, maps don’t do too well with being altered while compiled

“once they’ve made it”

trust me, I am fluent in retardese

There is an dynamic water addon.

How about a prop that doesnt let water inside it, but player can go inside it?

Gmod’s water is not actually anything that acts like water, it is more like a solid block of plastic, that is permanently no collided, unless you figure out how to cut part OUT of a prop, and move that cut section about, it is impossible

That isn’t true dynamic water.

well the source engine has been around for what? about 10 years? just give it another 10 years and I’m sure they’ll come up with something, cause if they don’t the source engine will end up dying as an obsolete gaming engine and engine like the criengine and the unreal engine will take its place as supurb gaming engines

You can say that about any game engine, I dont even think the cryengine or the unreal engine can support dynamic water.

If the Source Engine has dynamic water,it would require a lot of cpu/gpu,thus killing part of the community(Some people can’t really “Get up and go buy hardware”,since they live miles from town).

Since Life support systems can remove the oxygen need within a distance in water, that is the closest you get :stuck_out_tongue: