Canada/US [Brand New 01/23] DoorShare|PVP|Sleepers

Hello Rust Community!

This server is still fairly new and it needs your help! Help bring this server to the top with your support. We have great features and great admins.

Server IP :
To join the server, press “F1” and type in “net.connect”

Server Features:

/adminhelp - Chat with all Admins Online
Anti-Decay - No decay on Wood structures
/arena - When Arena Event is active, teleports you to the arena
/share - Share your doors with another player on the server.
GrassOff - Grass is permanently disabled, no need to type in “grass.on false”
Group(/ghelp) - Allows you to group up with your friends.
/list - See which players are online
/location - get the X, Y, Z coordinates of your current location
/ping - Check your current ping
/pm - Personal Message an online player
/remove - remove your own structure (foundation, pillar, ceiling, etc.)
Starter Kit - Automatically spawns when you revive
/stats - view your current kill/death/suicide/zombies score

and many many more. We constantly keep an eye on new features to enhance your Rust Experience.

There are 2 active, mature admins and this server is going to be up and running for many years.

We hope to see you on the server!